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Bloke XL120 9'10" 4-piece rod blank

Bloke XL120 9'10" 4-piece rod blank

The NEW Bloke XL120 9'102 Rod Blank with cloth bag.


Behind the scenes here at Bloke Fly Rods we're always looking at new products and after almost a decade we'd like to introduce our newest range of blanks, the XL120.

After listening to our customers and carfully considdering our options we took to the drawing board once again to come up with a new range of rods that match what we were asked for.


This is our lightest range of blanks to date, yet very powerful, fast actioned and fast recovery, meaning less line wiggle and capable of competition distance should you need to seek your quarry on the horizon. This rod with the right setup is also super sensitive in the hand meaning less missed takes by those shy fish.


I've personally been using this rod for 18 months and it's always the rod I pick up, even when I don't want to, it still ends up in my hands as it's a dream to cast and play fish with.


Finished in Candy Apple Red or Bare Matt Carbon and supplied in a high quality rod cloth.

  • Kit Discounts

    We can supply the blank with a full kit of components at a discounted rate, the price will depend on what you need so please feel free to get in touch on the number below or view our products in the accessories page and build your kit.

  • Warranty

    We offer each blank with a full lifetime warranty without surcharges.

  • Rod Building

    We realise that building a rod from scratch can be a daunting task so we can even build the rod for you if you don't feel confident enough. Please get in touch to discuss your options.

£120.00 Regular Price
£102.00Sale Price

Kit Builder Discount

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