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Bloke XGnP 9'6" 4-piece rod blank

Bloke XGnP 9'6" 4-piece rod blank

The Bloke XGnP Fly Rod Blank - 9' 6"


Finished in a Dark Blue Satin Finish
Supplied in a cloth bag


We have been on a massive journey to launch these blanks and after rigorous attempts to infuse graphene nano platelets (in the form of Graphene Oxide) into the prepreg of a base 63 million modulus Toray carbon fibre, finally cracked it! As in any new project it can be the simplest things that, through experimentation, offer solutions....Like resin temperature, viscosity and messing about with vacuum chambers! 
The result? An increase in hoop strength by 28%! These are probably the strongest blanks in the world.
Even though we were working with a higher modulus carbon than the XL50 range the actions are almost identical so even though we wanted a powerful super fast action these blanks are light, responsive and parabolic (so not poker stiff). 
Yes they are a little more expensive than our comparable blanks, (a litre of Graphene Oxide powder costs around £1000) but they are "fit for purpose" !
For experienced rod builders you will notice I have posted a picture of the butt "walls" to show uniformly they have been rolled.



  • Kit Discounts

    We can supply the blank with a full kit of components at a discounted rate, the price will depend on what you need so please feel free to get in touch on the number below or view our products in the accessories page and build your kit.

  • Warranty

    We offer each blank with a full lifetime warranty without surcharges.

  • Rod Building

    We realise that building a rod from scratch can be a daunting task so we can even build the rod for you if you don't feel confident enough. Please get in touch to discuss your options.

£99.00 Regular Price
£64.35Sale Price

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Colour: Blue
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