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Bloke Switch Lines - Floating

Bloke Switch Lines - Floating

We would like to think we know a little bit about designing switch rods and now we have extended that knowledge to design the perfect Switch line! 120ft long with a head length of 40ft and a head weight of 35gms for the 7/8wt and 40gms for the 8/9wt


The problem with most switch lines is the head length is much too long...with some manufacturers making lines with up to 50' heads.

At best you need to be an expert caster to use them and at worst you will struggle to cast them at all.

Just taking a trout line and/or a salmon line and calling it a switch line really isn't good enough in our opinion so we set out to design a line that is ideal for both single handed and doubled handed casting.


Our lines have a head length of 40' and our twin colour design allows you to find the optimum loading point.  They are incredibly easy to cast and fly through the rings!

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