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Bloke Short Switch Lines - Floating

Bloke Short Switch Lines - Floating

After Speaking and listening to our customers and Ghillies, we set about developing an Integrated Short Head Switch Line to suit their specific requests. The design had to be easy to cast, capable of turning over a range of Poly Leaders and abel to present a fly exactly where you want it. And here it is!

This line is a joy to use, very consistent, easy to cast and well balanced.


  • Reduced Casting Effort
  • Perfectly Balanced for Stable Flight
  • Outstanding Shootability
  • Great for Beginners
  • Smooth Finish = Less Drag = Higher Line Speeds
  • Ultra Low Memory and Very Supple
  • Low Stretch Core for Greater Bite Detection and Keeping in Contact with your Quarry


This line is easily identifyable with it's Ivory Coloured Head and Blue Running line.

  • Line Care Guidelines

    Make sure to seal the exposed end of the fly line so that water will not ingress up the core and sink the tip of your line. If you cut your line, remember to do this also.
    Frequently clean your line, after each trip if possible, especially if fishing in areas where the line is laying in dirt/mud. Best results are obtained using warm water and a soft cotton pad to run the line through.
    Apply a fly line dressing to the line now and then to help preserve the line. This shouldn’t be done every time you clean the line as it will pick up grit and wear your guides, around 2-3 times a season. If you use dish soap in your water to clean the line, add the fly line dressing once dried.
    If you experience any memory in your line 99times/100 it will be twist, this can most effectively be removed by unspooling the line and using your reel as a pendulum weight, allow the line to unwind in 1-2m sections before winding back on. This process can be repeated to make sure the line is completely twist free.
    Guide wear can seriously damage the coating on your fly line, which can lead to premature failure. Check regularly for worn grooves, especially in the tip guides. We offer a free inspection service if you would like this checked under the microscope.

  • Warranty

    This line comes with a 1 year defect warranty from date of original purchase. In the unlikely event of a warranty claim please keep your line to send to us for annalysis and email us via the contact section on the website for return instructions.

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